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Mercy Balogun is a trusted relationship expert and an inspiring motivational speaker. She is an award winning blogger and also the author of a relationship book ” fall in love with his vision not his wallet’ using her story as a background , mercy B lays out the best biblical principles of finding the right partner and maintaining a lasting relationship in marriage . Mercyb grew up in a Christian home that was full of life , love and music.  Mercyb uses her story to inspire and move her audience to overcome adversity . She was a speaker at Ted talk where she shared her story to encourage the audience to discover the VIP within.

Mercyb is a marriage and relationship coach and a professional therapist . She is very passionate in helping people in their relationship and uses her skill and experience as a therapist to help her clients to live their life to fullness. Mercyb specialized on anxiety , depression and relationship issues. Mercyb have been to many conferences speaking to singles and married people . She is experience with her marriage of over 32years and qualified with a religious view to challenge singles , married , old and young not to give up on their relationship and she have this popular quote for singles from her book ” whoever you say “yes” to at the altar can alter your life for better or worse” and also this quote for the married couple ” marriage is work . You have to keep putting honey in the honeycomb”
Mercyb has helped many couples to put a romantic flames back to their love life and private consultation to singles before they say ‘I DO’  . Fans have a chance to take a closer look into Mercyb ‘s story in her successful blog and her daily powerful message of hope on her social platform.
Mercyb has been featured in numerous TV interviews , newspaper articles and radio shows during her book tours in Uk, Nigeria , Ghana and Sierra Leone
MercyB is a positive role model for many young people within her church and the community . She has received Honorary award for providing a platform for gospel artist with her popular No 1 UK gospel talent show ( Time2shine) and also Beffta Legend award. Mercyb unleashed her creative energy in a never ending effort to ignite passion in others and instill the courage to never give up. Her optimum goal is to make no excuses and become what you want to become. Mercyb has been through many tests and trials that has become a testimonies that she uses to encourage her audience to shine wherever life takes them and to live a life devoted to God .
In addition to being a devoted wife, a renowned business woman , Mercyb is also a dedicated mother of three beautiful children .  Her like-able and joyous personality is infectious and is admired by both her peers and fans. Teamed with her passion , patience and perseverance Mercyb is an unstoppable force guided by God.

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