What can l say about fathers?. I want to start by first acknowledging the father of all father, King of kings and The Great l am his name is Jesus. He is the father of glory and he is the role model for all fathers to follow.

Christ is the head of the church and fathers are the head of their home, the priest and even if you are a man and not yet a father you are still consider to be a father because you are a carrier of great destiny. Father are very important in society . All fathers must take the leadership role in the family even though it is sad that this is not the case in most home including christian homes. It is the father’s responsibility to support the family as head . A father should protect his family by providing proper food, clothes and shelter.(Ephesians 6 vs 4)


We say it to our boys all the time we want to raise you to be a good husband to a woman one day and to our girl a beautiful wife to a blessed man . We are not just raising a man but a great man who is worthy to be celebrated for their positive contribution to the society and bring glory to God. Let’s face it this a fatherless generation and it is causing a great pain to many young lives. Many men are very selfish this day and all they care about is sleeping around and be called baby daddy. No more sense of responsibility and life of accountability. We have load of children who are clueless of what future hold for them and it has become a cycle and repetition. Most men are not capable of loving anyone because they can not take you to where they have never been. It’s such a shame to see young men wasting away because our so called fathers let them down badly. If you think just sleeping around and distributing your sperm makes you a man then you need to sit and evaluate your purpose in life. As a parent we need to start raising our boys to be ready to face responsibility. I believe if we don’t depend on the school and the government to raise our kids our children will stand a great chance in life. Charity begins at home. I respect people that did not have children because they know they are not capable or too selfish to care for another life rather than neglecting your child and the child become a murderer, rapist and the list goes on. The prison is full of young generation that should be doing great things in the society but now end up in a gang and life destroyed.

There are two great men in my life who l respected so much my father and my Husband.

When l was growing up, l love my daddy and respect him so much because of the way he treated my mother and one day l was in the kitchen cooking with my mum and l said to my mum, l will love to marry someone like my dad . How many girls can say that about that father this day? My father love us so much that my mother always joke that she was sure my father never had children from his previous life. He is a prayerful man of God . He fear God so much and raise us in a Godly way. My father always think about his children before himself. I will never forget his selfless act when he used all his retirement money to buy a ticket for me to travel abroad to fulfilled my destiny. I always wonder, if he never did that, what will have happened to me now. Many of his friends called him a stupid man at the time but who is laughing now. If you are pleasing man and do not let God lead you as a man then you are not really a matured man. If you are living a reckless life because you want to be accepted and be cool, please think about what you are doing to your family and how you are destroying the next generation. If your own father is useless that should make you to be determined not to be like him, not repeat his mess. Why can’t you be a good father like your father in heaven. Man will let you down, but your Heavenly Father is always faithful. My father was 94years old at that time and still pray for his children earnestly. He cared so much. He was the best father.


I want to specially appreciate my husband for being a good father to me and to our children and a role model for them to follow. He is selfless and there is nothing he will not do for his family. I really thank God for his life because it’s not easy this day to be a responsible father. We are living in a generation that your so called friends will call you names because you chose to be different. When our children were growing up, he will make sure he dropped them at school to have that quality time with them before they get to school. He is never too busy for our children. He is always pouring wisdom and raising them in the way of the Lord. Thank you for being a good father and a good husband. You are the best.

I heard a story once about a young boy that asked his father how much he get paid daily at work? The father was shocked and he asked the boy why he wanted to know. The boy replied, because l wanted to save enough money to pay you for a day to spend time with me. Isn’t that a sad story? But unfortunately that is how most children feel. They will do anything to spend quality time with their daddy, but daddy is too busy chasing after the wind. Please don’t get me wrong l am not saying you should not work, all l am saying is you should find time to spend with your children. Its not about quantity it’s about quality.

Finally l want to appreciate all the good fathers out there. I know some men are even better in raising the children than most women. People talk a lot more about Mother’s Day but the truth is that there are loads of men out there that are worth celebrating. Men that loves their children unconditionally. Men that will go to any length to raise their children in a right way even if they are not good husbands. Some men know the right thing to do but unfortunately they missed the mark due to wrong influence and undue pressure of life and they will do all they can for their boys not to be like them. I realize that just because a man is not a good husband doesn’t mean he is not a good father but some men are just heartless and all we can do is pray for them. Please ladies don’t stop any father from seeing their children if they truly love the children. It’s unfair. I know you are hurt but why do you want to deprive your children of their time with their father. Don’t let your mistake or your broken heart affect your children. If he loves his children please don’t destroy the relationship. You might still find Love again, but your children only have one father. The children will grow up and they might end up hating you when they have better understanding and realize your selfish attitude. A word is enough for the wise.

I salute all the spiritual father in the Lord praying and sowing towards our young generation.

To all the single father out there l salute you.

If you have lost your father or you are a widow ( psalm 68 vs 5) God is a father to fatherless and He takes care of the widows.

If you have never known your father and you have never experience the love of a father, let me introduce you to the Father of all Fathers. The Father that loves you for you are. He cares so much for you and there is nothing He will not do for you. He is waiting for you with an open arm to show you the true love.

If you are bitter because of how your father treated you or you are physically or sexually abused by your father who suppose to defend you and protect you. Please take it to God in prayer or seek help. Don’t let your past destroy your future. Let your father in heaven show you true love.

If you are a run away father. It’s time to return back home. The prodigal son returned back home, you should too. Let your children celebrate you, not curse you.

Yes it’s time to repent and do the right thing and let God teach you how to be a good father. A good father should understand his wife and children and guide them in their difficulties. A husband will gain respect from his wife and society if he is good and responsible father. The first teacher in the eyes of a child is his father. A father should be strict but still approachable and can be trusted.

To all the great father out there.

I salute you

Happy Father’s Day