You give a woman a house, she will turn it to home!

You give a woman a house, she will turn it into the home,
Give her a seed, she will give you children,
Give her joy, she will give you peace,
Give her hell, she will make your life a living hell,
Give her respect, she will acknowledge you as the head,
Give her support, she will be loyal to you,
Give her a compliment, she will be confident and make you proud, Give her your love, you will have her undying love.

Women did not want love, they need to be loved. Women will go to any length to find love, they are like a DVD player, whatever you put inside will play for you. Be careful what you sow, because you will reap it abundantly. A bitter woman is very dangerous, but a happy woman will give you her world. Appreciate your wife and the good women around you.


Women are not your remote control. You are to cover her, not expose her weakness and take advantage of her sensitivity. Good women are very rare, if you find one, be sure to adore her. Women are complex, but if you take time to know her, you will be the happiest man alive.

Women’s body and immune changes, a transition from a single woman to a mother is a lot, from having menstruation to menopause is drastic and changes everything, so bear with your woman. There’s a reward for a husband that cares and loves his wife the way God loves his church.

Thought l should write this piece to encourage our men. We women can be difficult to love sometimes but always remember the Bible says ” two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. We need each other to survive (Ecclesiastes 4 vs 9-12).