Stay in your lane (part 2)

There are many distractions this day that, if you are not focused and very determined you will miss your goals. If you are not sure of your vision and the road map, you can be misled by anyone. Be careful who you share your vision with. If you share your vision with the wrong person, the advice might be given to you for wrong motives or from an envious spirit. Envy is dangerous, if someone is envious of you, they can go to any length to stop you. In Gen chapter 37, we see how Joseph’s brothers were taken over by envy. It doesn’t matter if they are your family, your closest friend, or your spiritual family. if there is enviness in the heart of a person and it is not dealt with, it can lead to murder, like the case of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4 Vs 3-15.
I was sharing my vision with someone l believe she cares, not knowing she was harboring stuff in her heart against me, sharing my vision with her made it worse, considering she was envious of me already.
The story in the book of 1 king 13 vs 1-26 clearly show how you can be easily misled by people you believe are spiritually mature than you are, without knowing they have backslided.
My pastor always says there are many men and women of God, but they are not with God. You have to be able to discern in your spirit whose advice you want to follow. This man in the bible was sent by God to deliver a message and he was given clear instructions of what needed to be done, he was commanded by God to speak against the altar that King Jeroboam built to worship idols, and God backed up his word with signs by this man to prove to the king that he was truly sent by God. The king tried to convince this man of God to offer him a gift, but he refused because he is a sinner not a prophet like him, but watch how easy it was for him to accept the message from the older prophets because he thought they served the same God, so God can speak through the older prophet to him. l hope you are following this story, this can happen to anyone. It’s just like God has given you a word or vision and confirmation to assure you, and someone on a higher level tells you something different from your vision, and out of reverence, and without you confirming from God, you honor them above God. In this particular story, this prophet did not ask for any direction, but the older prophet heard about his exploit and probably felt rejected, considering he was in the same town and God sent someone else to deliver the message to the King or that he has already compromised and be bought by the king with gifts.
You might be doing something they wanted to do or felt they are more qualified than you. In my own case, when God gave me the vision, l felt like l was not qualified and experienced enough to do it. I forgot that God used the foolish thing of the world to confound the wise (1 cor 1 vs 27 ). God doesn’t call the qualified but he qualifies the called.
There are many people in the bible that are far from qualified from men’s point of view, but God qualified them and they are an example to us. So many people that believed they are more suitable than me tried to change God’s plan for me, but l thank God that l stood on God’s promises and plan for my life.

It is so easy to fall into this trap especially if you are feeling insecure about yourself already, and all you need is someone you believe knows better than you to confirm your fear. So the bible says, he went after him to divert him from God’s purpose for his life, you might not ask for their advice, but if someone higher than you came and give you the word, if you are not spiritual strong and tune in to Holy Spirit, you can be deceived just like the prophet in this passage. The old prophet said to him, God had changed his mind concerning the instructions He gave to him. The man honors this prophet instead of God. If you continue to read the story, you will find out that God did not deal with the prophet who deceived the man, he dealt with the young man and it cost him his life. You are responsible for the vision God gave to you. If you allow anyone or a situation to distract you or misled you.
You are responsible before God. You need to stay in your lane and stay connected to your maker. The old prophet felt really bad after hearing the death of the man of God, but it was too late the damage has been done. It’s the same prophet who rebuked the man for not obeying God. If you fall, it’s the same people that will laugh at you.

If you have a dream, l will recommend you to study the book of Nehemiah. There are many times the opponent tried to distract Nehemiah. He was too busy and focus to entertain any time waster. I love the answer he replied to his enemies of progress in chapter 6. He was not deceived by the false prophet that was paid to distract him from accomplishing his vision, you must be able to discern. Please l am not saying you should not respect the authorities over you, just be sensitive and test the spirit. The bible did tell us to test all spirits.

You can not set out to go to Birmingham and because you encounter traffic along the way and you suddenly decided to en route to Manchester because you thought it much easier or someone suggested things are easier over there. Life is full of up and down. Someone might even steal your idea, but you will always be the original. You are who you are and you are unique. You must make up your mind and stay in your lane!.