Fall in Love With His Vision Not His Pocket


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  • Living for God in your relationship
  • Fall in Love with his Vision Not His Wallet
  • Take charge of your marital destiny
  • Living life according to God’s will in your relationship

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We live in an age where the subject of relationship has taken many forms. Who is the right partner? How do you know if he/she loves you? What is marriage?

Using her story as a background, Mercy B lays out the best biblical principles of finding the right partner and maintaining a lasting relationship in marriage. She discusses what men and women want and highlights key elements for those who desire to enter into lasting relationships. Mercy B also points out the dangerous ‘Red Light’ which we must all avoid or seek help if we find them operating in our lives.

Fall in love With His Vision Not His Wallet ids a needed resource for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of enjoying a successful godly relationship or marriage!

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