Navigation System

Many time we wander round the world without knowing our destination or purpose. We rely on people and so many other thing we can see, but not on God.
I was on the road trip with my husband to our son University and we need to used a navigation to get us there. The journey is about 3hours and we really needed to know our way. I have this new app Waze downloaded on my phone that it is so accurate and will take you through any back route to avoid traffic. We are so excited about it and we are rest assured that we will get to our destination without any distractions or delay. This is a manmade invention, can you imagine if we can trust God our great navigation of our life . My husband is very good on the road, he always remember his route and he always seem to get around without navigator, but with this Navigator, he was impressed and could not stop talking about it. We were in the middle of challenges that required complete trust in God at the time and God reminded me of how it was easy for us to trust a Navigator but we struggle to trust him that created heaven and earth . You know the time we prayed , that is the time we put our address on the Nav and then press start and the Navigator will proceed to your destination , most time we don’t have a clue or idea of where we are going but we are rest assured that we will get there because our Nav say so , most time it will calculate the estimated time, traffic , road works and even the speed camera along the road, but the end result is you will get there.

All this process definitely shows how God will take us through different stages of challenges before we received the answer to our prayers, some answers take longer than others, for instance the route and the hours it will take you to Birmingham is not the same with Manchester, and is also depend from where you are travelling from, now l am talking about your level of faith and how far you want to trust God. When we are in a church setting and the preacher says it’s your season, the question is what season are you in? What have you done to reap an harvest? Do you have seed in the ground? Do you know you can have a seed in your hand and you don’t trust God enough to plant it to be bring harvest to you just like the parable of the talents in the book of Mathew 25 vs 14 . If you don’t have a seed in the ground, you cannot harvest anything and you can not say It’s your season . I say this all the time to people , when you are in the church and the pastor is preaching to the congregation , is not for everyone,
you have to know what is your own and be sensitive to know what the spirit of God is saying to you and not to the person next to you because you are not on the same journey ,just like everyone put different address on their Navigator . We all used Navigator , but for different destination. You need to focus on your journey and not be distracted by someone else’s journey . We all prayed based on our situation and our journey. I might be praying for my finance and yours might be for peace in your family. We will all get to our destination if we trust God enough to take us there. I believe trusting God required relationship with him, you can not trust what you don’t believe in, l struggle with my old Navigator because it has taken me through some long route and l lost my confidence and l only used it if l don’t have a choice. Did that sound familiar, you lost confidence in God because things did not go the way you planned it, you still go to church, pray and even fast, but in your heart of heart you have doubt and you struggle to completely trust God so you always have plan b for just in case , you know what l realise with my old Navigator , l realise l don’t fully obey the instructions or sometimes l will miss a turning and the Navigator has to recalculate the route and that add to my estimated time given to me earlier on, l will always forget that it was because l miss a turning or disobey instruction because l thought l knew the route and l will try and help my Navigator and most time it will waste my time and frustrated me. Is that familiar to you. You did not listen to the instruction because you thought you are smart and intelligent and you can figure it out , but when everything fall down on your face, you blame God, just like the way l always blame my Navigator ,most time the machine will get frustrated on me too and it will tell me to refer to my manual . I think it’s time for us to go back into our manual, and l mean the holy bible to figure out how to live according to the instructions of God. We can not take one and leave out the other . The word of God is sharper than any two edge sword( Hebrew 4 vs 12) Double edge sword is when something have favourable and unfavourable consequence to it . We are living in the world of rat race. Every time l am driving on the road , l will see the way everybody is driving so fast at the other side of the road and l have seen the traffic ahead of them because l was coming from there, but they have no clue, just as we are running around in a rat race not knowing what is ahead, but we know Jesus who has been ahead of us. He knows our beginning and the end. He knows there are difficulties and danger ahead and it’s telling you to slow down, but you are too consumed with things of life for you to hear him . Sometimes the Navigator will take you through the route you are not familiar with to avoid traffic because it can see the way ahead and if you refused to listen , your journey will take longer that you expected and that is what happen to us every time we are afraid of new territory. We have a part to play . God can not force you to obey, you are the one holding the steering of your life, it’s only when you give it to christ that he can take over the wheel and take you to your destination safely. I will finish with this story

. A man left a note for the wife before leaving the house, the wife was so busy around the house and around midday she finally sat down to read, she managed to read the first line that say ” My Beautiful wife and the end it says “I love you with all my heart. She was so excited with the idea of the husband leaving a love letter for her that she did not read it properly , she prepared the husband favourite meal and set the table , got in the shower and put on the dressing gown and ready to surprise the husband when he comes back home. When the husband got home and the wife rushed to kiss him, he was upset and he asked if the wife read the letter? The wife said “yes and the husband replied ‘ how come you did not do any of the things l wrote there ? so he went straight into the room and came out with his Packed suit case and say to his wife that he will be back in 7days . The wife was confused and she quickly open the letter to read it again and that is when she realised that the husband gave specific instruction for the her to packed her suitcase and be ready to go on a romantic holiday and she doesn’t have to cook. How many times do you miss out on God’s best because we don’t read the bible .We take the word of God out of context to suit us and we don’t take time out to read and dig deep into the word and follow the instructions. If the wife read the letter properly , she won’t need to spend time cooking and setting the table , when all she have to do is packed her suitcase and be ready. We have missed out so much of God’s best because we assumed we know God more than him. Assumption is a sin and that’s why we end up losing out on God’s best just like how the wife miss out. God said if you love me you will obey my word . Most time we spent time feeding our body and not our spirit. You can only feed your spirit with the word of God . If you don’t feed your spirit mind , how can you hear when the master is directing your path and calling you.

-Always digging deep , don’t just read the bible. You don’t just find a diamond , you dig and search for it.
-Ask Holy Spirit to show the heart of God and how is applicable to your life
-Don’t rush the bible. Take your time
-Always remember you are feeding your spirit mind with the word . Your spirit mind doesn’t eat our palatable food . Every time you are studying , your flesh is bored and you can be sleepy because flesh is always in constant war with the spirit( Galatians 5 vs 17) Paul identified this in the book Romans 7 vs 15.
-flesh will let you down eventually and when you die it will be the first to leave you and we spent hours and time for our flesh and we complain to spend few hours in the presence of God.
-Most time we complained church services is too long and after service you spent time socialising and you are well awake for that .
-flesh loves pleasure and that is why you are always sleepy when it comes to the time to hear the word of God.
-you can not get lost if you truly follow God’s divine guidance . God is more reliable than your Gps system .