Don’t be too religious to dress up

I enjoy shopping so much . I enjoy trying on new clothes and seeing the new trends in the market. I use that time to meditate a lot and I guess that’s why they call it shopping therapy. Some people prefer to shop online and that makes them feel good but I’m more of a hands on person. My mother used to tell me a story of how l would wear her shoes and carry her bags all around the house so happy with oversized shoes but it showed me that from a young age I’ve understood that when you look good you feel good. God want’s us to be well; spirit soul and body. We are a spirit beings with a soul and a body. Yes it’s important to look after your spirit but you also need to look after yourself physically too. Eat well and put on your best. Don’t be too religious to dress up. Some women allow life to take such a hold that they begin to dress so much like a Grandma. There is nothing more awkward than people mistaking you as your partners mother not partner. Age is just a number. I am 47 years old and mother of three beautiful children and and l definitely don’t go around feeling old and dressing like a grandma. Even when I am a Grandma I won’t be dressing like one. You are as old as you feel. Every time I go out with my daughter people think we are sisters or friends. I say it to my daughter all the time, I am not about to slow down you better step up . You need to look after what God has given to you. Someone once accused me of being proud because l love to dress nice, l’ve never understood that! How can someone be proud because they take time out to look after what God has given to them!?

I was put off Christianity for so long when l was growing up because of the way l saw some sisters dressing.

They constantly looked like they were not allowed to add colour to their wardrobe and l was so afraid to look like them. I thought once l became a Christian l will be dressing and looking just like them.

How many people have you discouraged because of your appearance and attitude? You don’t smile. Why? Isn’t the joy of the Lord supposed to be your strength? You are so “spiritually connected” that you don’t care about what energy you are giving to people around you and you don’t care about the fact that you need to look after yourself outwardly. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should spend all your money shopping and use all your time dressing up, l am saying that there needs to be a balance. Understand that first impressions count, not just for interview’s but also when you want to witness to someone. Before they see your bible, they see you. First impression counts!! You need to smell nice and look good. A lot of women are lead to believe that you need to go to designer shop’s to look nice. This is untrue. You can shop in Primark and it can look like Gucci, it’s all about how you put things together. High street shops have become the new High End. Topshop amongst offer a great personal stylists to help you shop and it’s usually free!! Remember ladies, what you don’t bother to do, some woman will take time out to do to impress your man. Just saying!

A word is enough for the wise.