I know you are a spiritual being, you have eyes for only the things of God, this is lovely. but you see, the moment, you are in a relationship or you are married, you need to adjust, Spirituality alone will not help you. I heard you don’t take your fiance out on dates, that the only place you ever take her to, is the church, crusade, and deliverance programs. You have turned your RELATIONSHIP to the DISCIPLESHIP program and you are wondering why your spouse is so miserable and is contemplating having an extramarital affair and sinning against God.

Your marriage has become a CRUSADE, no CRUISE inside. But hope you realize that even Jesus attended a feast with his disciples. Sir, you cannot pray love, laughter, and romance into a relationship when you will not PLAY your part. You keep shouting “God give us fresh wine in our relationship/marriage, it’s good, but after praying for the fresh wine, go and buy a bottle of wine and share with her. Invest time in your relationship.

Be a MAN with her, not a MAN of GOD. She hasn’t come to you for deliverance, she is not sick, she has come to you for love. When she comes to you, stop quoting just scriptures and preaching Rhema and mysteries, is that all you know how to say? No sweet lines?. It’s only scriptures you know. Songs of Solomon are not scriptures?. Hear me, she doesn’t want a PASTOR when she’s around you, she wants a PARTNER. I also hear that you are so spiritual that you only see things that are spiritual because you are not of this world, Oshei!. On behalf of, my sister suffering and keeping up appearance, I see you!. Please, brothers, it’s time to fix your marriage.

If she fixes a new hair, you don’t notice. If she sews a new dress or gown, your eyes don’t see such things, you only see visions. If she’s looking beautiful, you don’t see. GENERAL OVERSEER that cannot see, twale!. Don’t ruin your relationship/marriage because of IGNORANCE and IMBALANCE. Make amends before they change you because even the change can be changed.

This weekend;

  • Take her out on a date.
  • Clear your schedule and have an hour to talk, listen to, chat and gist with her.
  • Buy her a gift.
  • Compliment her hair, her shoe, her dress sense, her makeup. Do it and watch her face light up. Thank me later.

Dear SON OF GOD, SHE loves you, love HER back.