Waiting on God

I am still waiting on God ? How long is waiting time before God? Do you just wait with no intention of hearing the next move? Do we use this phrase as an excuse to not do anything or simply too lazy to pursue our ambitious. I was having this conversation with my husband after God reveal to me how l am wasting some gift l have and coincidently my husband received the same revelation about himself too , you see l have been praying and waiting on God and He spoke . So there is a waiting period and the time to move . If anyone tells you ‘ l am waiting on God’ you have nothing more to say to them. Please do not get me wrong , the bible say in the book of lsaiah 40 vs 31 “ Those who wait on the lord will renew their strength , they will soar on wings like eagles , they will run and not grow weary and they will walk and not be faint . I want you to read each sentence of this word of God properly. I don’t see where you do nothing. During this process you renew your strength , you run, you walk . But most time we have so many Christians that are so lazy and they hide behind this scripture without fully understand it and they use what suit them more . God did not condone our laziness . There is a time and season for everything under the sun ( Ecclesiastes 3) l do agree there are times we have to just stand but not before you have done everything He ask you to do.
When God gave me the vision for Time2shine Gospel talent show . It was mind blowing and spectacular . l struggle but l eventually step out in faith , after four season of the show God told me to pause and wait . It was difficult because of the pressure of people asking you questions of when is the next episode ? My answer is always “ l am waiting on God for the next move . He gave me the vision and if He said l should wait . That’s what l will do regardless of what people say . But my point is this , during my waiting period , God was doing a lot in me . I discover so many things about myself that l did not know before , l did not know l can do what l am doing now , during my waiting period , l wrote a book and many blogs that is blessing many people around the world. I am more matured and bold . I discover l can preach without being intimidated of speaking with my accent. I am free to be me and l have time to mentor many people . I have a closer relationship with God and God reveal so many things to me and l see people heart that l never see before . I have time to see many things l miss and why l need to take time out to be more wiser. So you see , l am not just waiting . God is often working on us . You need to be sensitive to Holy Spirit to know the reason for your waiting and the time to move to the next assignment . The book of Ephesians 6 vs 10-14 clearly show all that you need to do before you just stand, but somehow most Christians skip all this stages and they just stand . The question is “ what are you standing on ? I have heard so many preaching about God will do it for you and this kind of teaching had render many people useless and many gift and talent are wasted in the kingdom, and we are raising lazy and frustrated Christians .

No wonder the bible says”study to show yourself approved” l know l am stepping on many toes right now , but the bible says the truth you know will set you free. I am really tired of seeing Christians praying for years and nothing happen all because you are missing out on a very important principle in the bible. Many people are leaving Christianity because they thought God does not answer prayers and that is so wrong at every level . You can not take what pleases you in the bible and stand on it and you expect God to just follow you. The word of God is two edged sword. For example ‘ give and it will come back to you’ so if you don’t give , what is it that is coming to you? If you sow you will reap abundant harvest. How can you reap abundantly if you don’t sow. Have you seen a farmer saying l am waiting for an harvest without planting any seed. A seed is a seed until it is planted and it will become a fruit. You will reap what you have sow. If you pray for some people that God will reward them for all the good they have done for you , they are reluctant to say “ Amen” because they know the principle of sowing and reaping . Rain is a nuisance if you don’t have seed in the ground , but for a farmer it’s a Blessing . You can not plant onions and expect to reap tomatoes . Let me now blow your bubbles , God will not just give you money , but He will give you ability to make money (Deuteronomy 8 says “ remember your God for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth . This verse did not say “ He give you money without using your gift that he has given you to make wealth. I know l am upsetting some religious mind right now

Have you ever read the parable of the talent ? Why did the master took the talent from the servant who refuses to used his talent? He was thrown into the everlasting fire. He was holding on to the gift the master gave to him. In this passage “ Matthew 25 vs 14-30) but in verse 14 ‘ the word “ability was mentioned again . The master did not just give them money . The bible says” To one He have five talents of money , to another two talents and to another one talent , each according to his ability. You are to turn the ability to make wealth God has given you to money . You have gift and talent in you and you are suppose to used that talent to glorify the name of your father and that gift will take you before great men and you too shall eat of it. Don’t just sit and waste your gift like this wicked servant in this passage. Lot of lives are attached to your life . The master was so angry with the servant that he took the one talent and give it to the one who has the ten talent and he called him lazy and wicked servant. Do not despise the day of small beginning . The same passage in verse 28 says “ Take the talent from from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents . For everyone who has will be given more and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have , even what he has will be taken from him “ so you have to use what you have and God will increase it. I remember years ago we are selling shoes in a shop ,but we are sharing the shop with other people and the place was so small and l saw someone that l know , l was so ashamed because of how small the place was and on my way home , l heard God say to me ‘ do not despise the day of small beginning . I repented and later on God gave us the whole shop and more . You need to step out from where you are . Whatever your gift is ! Don’t despise it. God gave it to you to bless you and be a blessing to others . One of the excuses the lazy servant gave again is because he was afraid . Are you afraid ? Is that why you are hiding behind “ l am waiting on God when God is waiting on you. I hate to say this , but many prayerful Christians will died poor because of lack of understanding .

Nothing to do with God. The grave yard is full of unused gifts and talents. I pray to God to died empty . What is the point of your gift in the grave? Do you ever wonder why did the bible says there will be a lot crying in heaven? Of course there will be tears of joy and also for some when you realise how you wasted so many gifts and you suffer for nothing and regret at lost of opportunities and that is if you make Heaven , because remember the lazy tenant was thrown into the hell fire . I want you to imagine holding a A4paper , that is how much you are meant to accomplish with the ability God has given you but you only manage to do just a bit at the edge of the paper.

What is in your hand? God asked Moses about the rod in his hand. God is asking you the same question today” what do you have in your hand ? What ability has He given to you and what are you doing about it? Jesus died so that we can have life in abundance . He is not going back to the cross . The work of salvation is finished. The way some of us Christians carry on is like we want Jesus to go back on the cross. No ! You need to seek God for the reason why you are created and follow your dream. Stop listening to wrong doctrine about God will do it . Don’t waste the resources God has given you. I want to mess up your thinking . How come you are not a millionaire yet with all the prayers you have been praying? Is God ear too dull to hear or His arm too short to save ( Isaiah 59 vs 1-2) No ! If you are not using your gift and talent you are sinning just like the servant in the parable of the talent . My parent are very prayerful and dedicated to God , but unfortunately they do not have this knowledge . The bible say my people are destroy for lack of knowledge . Let me take this to another level . When you pray for God to bless you , what exactly are you praying for? Are you waiting for Angel to bring you money or probably win a lottery? What is your understanding of Blessing ? Do you need to have loads of money to be called “Blessed” ? This are thought provoking questions and if you are real with yourself you will be set free. Joseph was called Blessed in the prison ! How can someone in the prison be called ‘ Blessed” do you recalled many challenges he went through and yet everywhere he enter he was blessed. He was a slave at the house of potiphar and yet the bible said “The Lord was with him and he prospered “ ( Genesis 39) l don’t think he has any money because slave in those days has absolutely nothing . But Joseph found favour with his master. Favour will open doors for you and that is a blessing from God. At that point it’s not a physical cash in Joseph hand , but the wisdom God gave to Joseph later turned him to be rich and famous. God gave him the ability to make wealth with his gift. Do you know if Joseph never used his gift of interpretation in the prison and he was moaning and grumbling , but praying and fasting , he might not accomplished his vision and we will not be writing about him today. That’s exactly what most of us do. We grumble and yet we are praying and we miss the door of opportunity God has given to us because we are too consumed with our own problem and yet our answers lies with helping other people in their trouble.
I once heard a story of a mouse, chicken and a goat. The mouse saw the madam of the house setting a trap for the mouse and the mouse asked the chicken and the goat to help , but they thought it has nothing to do with them, so not long the madam accidentally put her feet at the trap and she was so sick and the husband decided to kill the chicken for chicken soup and later on she died and they killed the goat for the funeral , so this is what happen if you are selfish and self centre. What you make happen for others , God will make it happen for you too. The bible say “ How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity , the lord bestows his Blessing upon them( psalm 133)
Let’s shift the gear again

You don’t have to be a christian to be rich “ouch! I know you don’t want to hear that and not all unbeliever get their money from the devil! They are just smart to use the gift God has given them and we are patronising them. What is the different between poor and rich ? We all have 24 hours in a day either rich or poor , the question is “ What do you do with your time ? Oh you pray and fast ! But did you hear any instruction from God or you are still waiting? Most time the answer is right in front of us, but we are too religious to see it. Remember when the disciplines are praying for release of Peter from the prison and God has answered and Peter stood at the door while they are still praying , the maid told them that Peter is at the door, but still continues and yet the answer has come . Can you hear God or you are stuck in your way? You are waiting for God to answer you in a certain way or no way. I remember years ago l was contemplating on leaving the church where l was because so many things are happening and l felt l needed to move on , but God told me to wait , and believe me it was so difficult and my family and my friends could not understand because they can see what l was going through , l did not even understand myself , but l know l have to wait , but l was very sensitive for the next instruction and when the time was right, l heard it clearly that it’s time to move and there was a clear confirmation . I was led to my next place of assignment . What if l was still stuck on the last instruction ? Looking back to my life now , l don’t know how my life would have been! You need to be sensitive to what the spirit of God is saying to you. Your comfort zone is to sit around doing nothing and hoping God will just do it . Do you know that God worked for 6 days and only rested for one day. We are to follow His footsteps. No wonder the bible say, The children of this world are wiser than the children of the light”( Luke 16 vs 8-9) Don’t forget John 3 vs 16 “ For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son” so you see . God loves the world and will bless whoever follow his principle . Most unbelievers follow God’s principle of giving by always giving to charity and doing 10% sales all the time and they are getting richer and richer. As a child of God, What is your record when it come to giving? Do you give to the poor or you just give to church pocket alone ? How charitable are you? When was the last time you went out of your way to help someone who genuinely need your help without hidden motives? Please l am not saying don’t give to your church , but what is your church doing with your money ? Are you sowing on a fertile soil ? I know of some churches that are really equipping their members to use their gifts to be a blessing in the community and the pastor is not just using the money to live flashy lifestyle . The scriptures says”Bring all your tithes into the store house that there may be food in my house “ so your church is a storehouse , so my understanding is a store house is a saving for raining day . When a faithful servant in the church lack skills or money , it means the church can take money from the storehouse to help right? Notice l said “ faithful” not someone who doesn’t believe in tithing and giving and yet you are waiting on God. I have heard lot of Christians says tithing is in the old testament and yet you quote scriptures and claim promises from the Old Testament . That’s a topic for other blog.
My point is our pastors should be equipping the saint for the work of lord and not just keeping all the money for themselves and keep taking from less priviledge for their own selfish gain . May God bless the real pastor that are selfless and passionate for God’s people. I am fortunate to be in a church that care and equip the members to shine and use their gifts to make wealth .
Finally money do not bring you happiness . Please don’t get me wrong , money is good , it’s the love of money is the evil . We need the money . Money is a messenger to paid your bills and make life comfortable for us , but it’s that the only reason to be saved ? The bible never say come to the lord and be rich.

So what is Blessing ?
Blessing is anything God gives that makes us fully satisfied in him. God bless us without adding sorrow to it. Anything that draws us closer to christ . How can we be satisfied in christ ? When we are in His will and we are using our gift and talent . We are using our gift to lead many people unto righteousness . You can be called blessed if you are faithfully serving with the gift and ability God has given to you . You can be a kingdom financier because you are finally in your purpose and plan of the lord for your life. God also said l will bless the work of your hand and whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper . The question is “ what is the work of your hand? This scripture did not say l will give you money without working . Your hand must be doing something . You must be working and believing God to bless the work of your hand .
If you are aware of this great promise , why will you ignore your vision and your gift?
The bible says in Ephesians 1 vs 6 “ praise be to God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in christ . So you see you are blessed and highly favoured . Get up and be a blessing to your generation and if you don’t know your gift, that is a good time to fast and pray to know your purpose and then follow his instruction.
l was in Abuja in Nigeria and l saw a young man selling noodles on the road . I was fascinated with the way he put cooker at the roadside and he employed many young people to help and the taste of this noodles is even better than the one in the restaurant and they are there 24hours . I am sure he is a graduate , but with the bad economy and he did not want to be feeling sorry for himself .He discover his hidden talent and he turned that to money and help other people too .
May l now remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you . For God did not give us a spirit of timidity , but a spirit of power , of love and of self discipline (2timothy 1 vs 6-7)
Now you are the body of christ and each one of you is a part of it .And in the church God has appointed First of all apostles , second prophets , third teachers , then workers of miracles , also those having gifts of healing , those able to help others , those with gifts of administration and those speaking in different kinds of tongues . Are all apostles ? Are all prophets ? Are all teachers ? Do all work miracles ? Do all have gifts of healing ? Do all speak in tongues ? Do all interpret? But eagerly desire the greatest gifts (1 Corinthians 12 )

So you see there is a room for you in the kingdom. I don’t believe there is anyone in this life without a gift , it’s just for you to find it.
I finish with this story l read in the (word for today) A farmer lived during the Great Depression and he was having trouble keeping up the mortgage payments on his farm . Eventually the bank gave him thirty days to catch up on his back payments or face foreclosure . Then something wonderful happened . A man from an oil company showed up on his doorstep asking for a lease to drill for oil on his land . Since he was going to lose the farm anyway , he accepted , well that oil company drilled and hit a 82,000 barrel of oil a day and he became a millionaire many times over. This round of my point , now the question is “ When did he become a millionaire ? Was it when oil was discovered on his farm or when he first bought the land ? He was a millionaire the moment he purchased the farm , but he lived in poverty because he did not know his worth. What treasure did you have inside of you and you are suffering and about to lose your life because of poverty and yet you are already blessed just like this farmer . He could have lost his farm and probably his family and sometimes his faith because he thought God has forgotten him. We are all born with gift inside of us , but sadly many people will die poor because of lack of knowledge . I remember in one of Richard Branson interview , he said when someone ask you to do something that requires skills and you don’t know how, Don’t just say no, train yourself to do it. How do you know you can’t do something till you tried . You will surprise yourself if you can dare challenge yourself . Never say never . I never thought l can play keyboard until when there is no one to play in our church and being the leader l was frustrated to see how keyboardist are in and out and really taking this honour for granted , so l challenge myself and l learn to play and now l am playing and l make myself available for God to use me. If l don’t train l will never know l can do it. The saddest thing is that many people don’t like to read and do research to improve their skill especially our Black foes . There is a common saying that if you want to hide anything from black people , hide it in a book. Isn’t that shameful? Some of us are so lazy and that is why we love to be a christian and we thought all we have to do is pray and be rich . We are even too lazy to study, so we listen to anyone that will tell us what we want to hear. When was the last time you are still before your creator and hear him speak to you directly. You are surrounded with too many noises . If God is truly your father, why did you always need somebody else to always tell you about him ? Do you always wait for someone to speak to your earthly father on your behalf ? Let’s wake up and possess our possession . We have been deceived by the devil for so long . So after reading this , what are you waiting for ? Do you want to die empty or full? The decision is yours . If you say “ well l don’t know where to start. The following list may help you
⁃ Am l missing anything in my life right now
⁃ What am l passionate about?
⁃ Who am l?
⁃ What do l value ?
⁃ What do l want to be doing in ten years ?
⁃ What gifts has God given me that have been perfected over time?
⁃ What gifts has He given me that l am unable to use?
⁃ What would l be willing to die for?
⁃ What is it about my job that makes me feel trapped ?
⁃ What realistic changes can l make in my employment ?
⁃ Would l be willing to take a less stressful job to be happier and be close to my true self ?
⁃ What steps do l need to take tomorrow to have a better life ?
⁃ Be honest with yourself and study the scriptures to discover yourself
⁃ Stop procrastinating . Time is precious.
As a christian , begin to put faith to work by trusting God to guide you. Listen to His voice through scriptures and listen to the thoughts he places in your mind when you talk to Him.
Write down “ what do you want to be remember for and how your life would look if it turned out just the way you wished.
A word is enough for the wise . See you at the victory side.